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Litter Control

Contact Information

Litter Control in-office hours: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM, M-F

Report illegal dumping and littering to:

Stacy Cookenour  - Litter Control Officer
186 Single Tree Rd
Gate City, VA 24251
Phone: (276) 452-1325


The Assign-A-Highway program makes use of probationers to clean up sections of Scott County's roads. Scott County implemented the program in early 2007. As of May 2010, Scott County has around 75 probationers assigned resulting in the clean-up of approximately 125 miles of roadway. The Litter Control Office hopes to see the number of active probationers grow to 50-100 people. This will result in increased beautification and cost savings for Scott County.

For more information visit the Assign-A-Highway Web Site Off-site link opens in new window

Recycling & Solid Waste Centers

Scott County Recycling & Solid Waste Centers offer citizens local dump sites that accept large items such as mattresses, as well as scrap metal. The centers are operated by an attendant and are available during the times listed in the schedule below.

Map of Recycling & Solid Waste Centers: Download (380KB) PDF File

Schedule - download PDF File

Laws and Rules - download PDF File